Sunday, November 7, 2010

the COOKIEMAN experience

The trip to City Centre Mall was something we will cherish for a long time. Our kids would not have been allowed to enter a mall if they were left on their own. Being shunned by the society is the saddest experience of a slum dweller. Nevertheless, on 12th of October the kids were all dressed smartly in their uniforms  and were brimming with confidence.
The “city centre experience” was organized by Pulkit & Megha. Pulkit, along with his Cookieman team welcomed the children at the entrance of the mall. They went to the departmental store to finally see what they had only read in books till now. They were absolutely fascinated to see the display of the products.
After finishing browsing through Big Mart, it was time to go the other floors of the mall, which turned out be the most fascinating experience of the day. They looked at the stairs in bewilderment. These stairs were different from the ordinary stairs for they went up and down on their own. For them they were magic stairs, which for everyone else are escalators. It was both difficult and exciting to get on these for the kids but soon they mastered them and excitedly went up and down a number of times.
Then we finally went to the Cookieman counter. Saw how the cookies are baked. The children had a big round of treat from the Cookieman and a fantastic photo shoot too.
A big thank you to Cookieman for making the day special for us.
enjoying the magic stairs

The naughtiest kid showing so much 

The wonder staff at Cookiema

The treat

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