Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teacher's Day : Namrata Bidari (teacher at Koseli)

Poster made by little kids
Life starts with a dream, a dream to be a leader, a dream to be an achiever, a dream to be a learner, and a dream to be a Teacher.

“Happy Teacher’s Day ma’am you are the best teacher we ever have seen", hearing this sentence is so wonderful especially from those for who life is already a full stop even before it has made a beautiful start. I am a teacher and I am proud to be one.

folk dance performance
We all had waited for Teacher’s Day celebrations with a lot of anxiety. The kids after all had practiced very hard for their performances. So on the Day the students performed  various dances and sang some beautiful songs. They gave us beautiful cards made by their lovely little hands with beautiful words scribbled inside. Those  precious moments spent together on that Teacher's Day will always remain in my heart.
kids wishing the Teachers
Being part of “Koseli”, I have  learnt that life is a blessing so one should never be depressed at any time. Koseli has a beautiful environment. Children are well taken care of and we are like a big happy family.
I enjoyed a lot on Teacher’s day. This was my first experience as a teacher. We celebrated the day by singing, dancing and sharing chocolates. Last but not the least, one day these tiny hands will do lot for the country if we shower on them our love and care.

(Some of the cards made by kids for their Teachers)