Thursday, December 25, 2014

Volunteering Experience of Elina and Anikaa

About 6 months ago we were planning to do some volunteering work in Nepal but we did not want to do it troughs any organizations, mostly because they charge so much. We were so happy when we found Koseli school's website and found that we can do our work in this wonderful place and for bonus it was totally free. We contacted the school and the response was straight away really kind and welcoming and it felt very natural to make a decision to work in this place.
We started our work after long holiday, Dashain, so first everything was very confusing for us and we think that maybe for everybody else too. Students and teachers were getting use to normal weeks again and school days were little bit different than usually, at least we see it that way after spending a month in the school. After few days we became more comfortable hanging around in the school, we were talking more and more with everybody and getting a hint and suggestions from the teachers what we can do with the students. Mostly we actually just played with the children and were helping them with the home works and sometimes we told some stories about our own country. But we think that the most important thing for the children was that we just kept them company, we kept encouraging them and maybe helped the school provide good memories for everyone and even for a bit more normal childhood. And maybe some of the children learned to speak a little bit better English because they had to use the language with us.
A few weeks after working in school we realized that even if our help is important and welcoming, this school need lot of support from private donors and most of the time the school is lack of money. We decided to tell about our job in Nepal and about the school in Facebook and try to collect some money. We thought that this place is doing such a great work so this is the least we can do. Maybe for future this is a good tip and the best thing is that everybody knows exactly were their money goes and it is straight for these kids.
Overall this experience was just insane good! These children were so kind and happy even for so little things, our home visit was very eyes opening and teachers are doing such a great and important job everyday! We are so thankfull for this opportunity, it was very instructive and all in all joyful and happy month! We hope all the best for the school and especially for every children who will stay in our heart for the rest of our lifes!

Anikaa & Elina,