Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shikshantar Outreach Program's "Koseli"

Dear Friends,
Greetings and Namaste!!
The month of July has been full of activity.  To begin with the children got their school uniforms. Each child has got 2 sets of uniforms. Since they brush and bathe in school, they also change into their school uniforms in school. However the class VI children are old enough to take care of their hygiene needs so they have been given their uniforms to take home.
The children are well settled into their routine and enjoying their activities even more with the new white boards finding their way into each class room.
On the last Friday of the month, we had a great trip to the zoo so much so that when the bus driver called to go back little Manoj got very angry and we had to carry him back to the bus.
On Saturday we visited their homes in Jadi Buti slum and Sukhumvasi areas.
Thankyou Jen and Stephanie for some of the greatest shots u took. We totally loved your company.
We had a great time with “Jadugar Himshaa” performing her magic tricks in front of the Full House. Thankyou Himshikha, it was simply awesome.
We also started preparing for the hot mid day meal. Thanks to food committee headed by the Bhimsaria ladies. We thank you and love you for your concern.
This month also saw Maria and Brindesh falling sick. Actually, both of them have been suffering with skin diseases. For a long time. The consultation with doctor confirmed that Maria is suffering from a rare skin genetic disorder epidermolysis bullosa which cannot be cured. The condition is aggravated by poor hygiene conditions and was pretty severe when we first looked at it. With some medications and a long lecture on hygiene issues to Maria and her older sister (who is also her care taker), she has shown tremendous signs of improvement. Maria’s mother had also suffered from the same disease before she passed away a few years ago.
6 year old Brindesh was diagnosed with scabies and is currently on leave. Hats off to Upendra (14yrs), his older brother and also the caretaker of the family for maintaining the hygiene requirements and administering medication in time. We hope to see him soon.
Finally we would like to welcome Beena Agrawal, Vishnu Agrawal, Sunil Dugar, Neha Jalan and Payal Dugar for their contributions  which will make a huge difference to our lives.

Have a Great Month!!