Sangita Yadav  (24yrs)
My father is a farmer and we are 7 in the family. My sister got married when she was 16 yrs old but she continued to study. I have some financial problems that’s why I joined Koseli. But now I love it here and have made some good friends too. When I am with the children, I forget all my problems. From the stipend that receive, I keep a small portion for my self and the rest I give to my mother to help her run the house. When I am a little older I would like to help old  people but for now I am very happy at Koseli.

Kumari Khadka (23yrs)
My father and grandmother live in Pyuthan. My mother was murdered by the villagers and they had attempted to take my sister's and my lives too. I was lucky to have escaped, a scar on my neck is proof of this heinous act. I was too young to understand the gravity of the situation and till date some questions remain unanswered in my life. After which  my father moved me and my brother to Kathmandu. Since then I have lived in an orphanage and been to my village only once. I have finished  my high school and now intend studying education. One day I want to return to my village and find out the answers of my life on my own. I dream of running a school for the kids of my village.

Rashmi Thapa (23yrs)
I was happy studying in my village in Gorkha district. The Maoist insurgency forced me to flee from the village to Kathmandu only to land up in more problems. Once I came here, I lived with my sister who was a vegetable sellar. My sister had two kids of her own and it was difficult for her to support me. I joined the government school and started helping my sister in the evenings. Lack of time and financial support, I failed my high school. I was spotted by a lady who later supported me and helped me finish my high School the following year with flying colours. I am currently pursuing my graduate studies. My problems however are far from over. I am  currently supporting not only my own education but my sister’s  too. One day life will change and all my struggles of today will pay off. I want to be a support to my family and continue teaching.

Reeta Suwal (23yrs)
I grew up in a family with no means. As a very young child I learnt to support myself. My family lives in Bhaktapur and lot of tourists come to that area. So I became a tourist guide. The profession brought money which i gave to my family and in return received their love. A tourist woman adopted me and paid for my education. I married a boy who has been my friend since childhood but he never had the opportunity to study. Now he runs a furniture shop in Banepa. Other than Koseli, I help some small kids in Bhaktapur area with their after school studies and when I am more settled in life I want to help others the way I was helped once.

Reeta Shrestha (27yrs)
My elder sister and brother are settled in their jobs. They help us run the household expenses. My father is a retired driver and because of his long drinking habit, he has no energy left to do anything anymore. I am a trained Montessori teacher and love work with kids. I like my work at Koseli. I save a small portion of my income and the rest I contribute to the needs of my family. One day, if all goes well, I would like to open an orphanage myself.

Pradeepa Thapa (21yrs)
I first joined as a volunteer at Koseli in August’11. My love and devotion to what I was doing was I guess noteworthy. So this year, when when I was looking for a job while continuing my volunteer work at Koseli, Renu Ma’am and Krishna ( now my colleague at Koseli )jumped at the opportunity and asked me to join them at Koseli full time. As a child I always dreamt of helping people whether it was a child or an ageing person. “Koseli” has helped me fulfill my dream of making myself useful to the society. I find happiness in the eyes of my students when they learn a new alphabet or when they go home with a full stomach”.

Suraj Ghimire (20yrs)
I am Suraj. I come from Gorkha district. Two years back after I finished my highschool with 83%, I appeared for engineering exams which I cleared effortlessly but the family resources were not enough to support me to go engineering college and I dropped the idea. I studied commerce in my plus two level. I came to Kathmandu to work and support my education. My father worked as a cook for years and then in an accident he lost his eyesight. It was a sheer piece of luck that I joined Koseli and now my ambition to be an engineer is fired once again. I will be appearing for the entrance exam soon. I am praying to God that all will go well this time.


  1. Great job everyone!! So proud of all of you...

  2. Hello, thank you so much for sharing with us. Many of us also wanted to be doctors or nurses when we were younger, but financial concerns kept that from happening. We share that in common. You're doing great work in Nepal, we wish you the best from America!

  3. Jairo Diaz 12/02/10

    After reading your information about your life I feel so proud of your hard work. All of you most be proud of yourself, what you guys are doing should that you want to succeed. As almost all of you mention your family. Even thought you don’t believe it I have some similarities with you guys; I have to study (Baruch) and take care of my little brother. Thank you to all of you for giving me the opportunity to learn about your life and your cultures.

  4. Jeffrey S.M. 12/2/10

    I just want to say that all of you strike me as hard working adults. You all have a strong mindset and are focused on making sure that your family are supported. That, to me is portraying adult-like qualities and I commend you on your perseverance. I, like most of you all, support my family as well by working and I'm going to school in order to grant my family, especially my little 2 year old brother, and I a better life. So, I would like to end by stating that you all are doing a great job and deserve recognition. Thank you for expressing things about yourself and what you wanted to be when you grew up because I understand it may not be as easy for some than it is for others. Thanks again!

  5. Carlos Altamirano

    After reading about the teachers and the stories of some of the students of Koseli, I am so happy to see people that do work with a passion that encourages others to continue. For this reason I can consider them as leaders and be thankful for their hard work, contributions, and inspirations as role models so that others acknowledge that people still needs help all over the world. At the same time, I want to recognize that the teachers stories are great and with this said I can also admit that I have some similarities with some of them which makes me be conscious of what it takes to succeed. Thank you for everything Koseli, keep the hard work, support, especially encouraging those kids to go to school and smile. Best wishes ;)

  6. Hector M Rodriguez (Parent and student at BARUCH)

    Greetings from New york City. First, the love and support that the teachers give embody the human spirit of giving. I want to thank all involved in this outreach program for going the extra mile. Second, It's been a pleasure and a moral blessing to meet such enthusiastic human beings. Third, thank you Prof. Gaunt for your love, energy, and most of all your attitude to help others that inspired us all.

  7. Tamar Solano

    I want to highlight a few points from your posts. 1) It looks like most of you are motivated by the desire to help others.2)Almost all of you share your earnings with your families.3)And most (if not all) of you find your jobs at Koseli rewarding. You are able to help your families financially, make a difference in the lives of Koseli children, while pursuing your education (at least some of you). Not too many people can claim to have achievements as these at such a young age. I think you have a lot to be proud of! I hope you will be successful in all aspects of your lives and continue to inspire others along the way! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  8. Sangita Yadav

    Thankyou for your response. We feel a deep sense of gratitude. Your response has made us very happy and we are proud to be teachers at Koseli. Would like to hear your responses in future also.

  9. Sapana Dahal

    Thankyou. I feel happy to receive your responses. Hoping to receive your encouragement in future also and that will help me work even harder for Koseli and for myself. I would like to have some more information and suggestions from you all.

  10. Sabin Ghalan

    You people hardly know us and just by reading our profile you have really encouraged us tremendously to continue our task of teaching at Koseli and moving ahead in life.I would like to thank all u guys from the inner core of my heart.

  11. Huiru Zheng
    I notice most of you dream to be good persons. You don't have to wait until you grow up. You are great perons. You are doing a great job by teaching at Koseli. I'm proud of you.

  12. Guys you are truely doing a wonderfull and comendable job. You are not only shaping up your world but helping shape others as well at a tender age. I am really thank full to Koseli for the wonderfull job it is doing for the human community..

  13. -Julisse Calderon

    Hello everyone, my name is Julisse Calderon. I wanted to tell you all that you are doing amazing things for the world we live in; if only more people would do the same.

    As I was reading a little bit about you all, I realized that quite a few of you wanted to be doctors/nurses or help people in some way and a lot of us here in America say the same thing...the main difference is that you all are doing it and most of us over here are not. It shows that your core values revolve more around your society as a whole. Unfortunately, Americans are sometimes too caught up in their own lives to think about anyone else.

    Thank you so much for telling us a little about yourselves and keep making a difference!

  14. Namaste! Keep up the great work! I am proud to have been able to help your school and hope that I can meet with you all during my next visit to Nepal!