Thursday, April 30, 2015

Earthquake Child Rehabilitation at Koseli School

Earthquake Child Rehabilitation at Koseli School

The Story

Nepal Earthquake
On 25th April, 2015 earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck Nepal leaving ten of thousands of people homeless. Death toll has risen to over 10,000 with many men, women and children still stranded in the rubbles. There are a thousands of people waiting to be treated as the aftershocks continue.
Koseli School is a registered NGO working with slum children since 1997. At present we provide day care to 120 children. Koseli takes care of their medical, education, nutrition, clothing, hygiene & recreation needs. At this time of national tragedy, the open space in Koseli is being used as shelter home.
We will use the funds to admit as many new students to the school who have been displaced by the earthquake and provide them free education, food and shelter. Any left over funds will be used to help other earthquake victims
Koseli Team
We are a team dedicated to helping children with few available resources. Our team is headed by Neelam Sureka and several team members. The fundraising is headed by Sanjana Agarwal ( and Ashwini Todi ( Do get in touch for any questions
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If you do not have a credit card, you can directly transfer funds to our account
Name: Bank of Kathmandu Ltd
A/C Name: Koseli Foundation
Account Number: 010000062679-524
Thanks for your support!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Dear All, Nepal is still reeling under the aftershocks of the earthquake. The following days will be even more difficult as the death toll rises and the lack of infrastructure to provide adequate services. I thank all of you for reaching out to us and offering to help. We don't have a count of how many of the kids (or their families) from Koseli are safe. There is no way to track them. The open space in the school even though cracked is being used for sleeping by anyone who needs it. ‪#‎prayfornepal‬

We need money to buy most basic rations like rice, lentils, potatoes and ayush(water purifier).

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