About Us

Koseli School is run under a registered NGO. It is a centre for slum and street children. Currently we have 120 children with requests for more admissions every day. These children come from the poorest parts of the society. They live in unimaginable conditions, so their biggest need is survival.

Koseli means "a gift" and the centre does exactly that. It offers them a gift of a happy childhood and education. The centre also takes care of their hygiene, nutrition, clothing, medical and recreational needs.  

Our Mission

Koseli School seeks to integrate the slum and street children into main stream society by providing them with a normal childhood and empowering them through education.

Our Story

In 1997 Renu Bagaria enrolled 5 children in a school with the help of four  friends. These children belonged to the poorest parts of the society. Over the years these children performed well and after 10 years of regular education, they were ready to enter the world as equals in society. This was the power of education.

The changed lives of the 5 children gave birth to a dream of changing 50 lives and probably 500 lives someday. In the year 2007 a free evening school was developed with 7 children. And today Koseli is a full day centre with more than 100 children.

Our Routine

The children come to school at 8 am. They start their day with  brushing their teeth, bathing, and changing into school uniforms. After a morning assembly, they settle down to study. The kids are then served a mid-day hot and wholesome meal consisting of dal (lentils), rice and seasonal vegetables. The children leave the school grounds by 5 pm. 

However, a few kids are held back after school. These are our "little gamblers" and "street fighters". They are kept engaged in simple activities like making bags out of old newspapers, book marks etc.

The centre showers upon them the love and care that each one of them rightly deserves.