Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awesome Diwali

Diwali or Tihar, is the biggest festival in Nepal which falls 20 days after Bada Dashain. It is a festival of lights filled with songs and laughter.The children at Koseli were busy with hush - hush preparations for some time and now I could see why. On 4th Nov, they were all dressed in their most fancy attire to light up the room with their songs and dances.

 The little ones were guided by their teacher, Nabina,  but the older ones had prepared on their own.

Music filled the room. The choreography of the students was awesome, actually it was so awesome that it brought tears to my eyes. If the kids could do so well without any guidance, what their fate could be if trained properly. The program started with an introduction by their teacher Krisna and then the little girls perfomed a dance in praise of the Godess Laxmi, the Godess of wealth.

There were performances by all the classes, each better than the other. Srijana, Raj, Manju, Sulav and so many others are natural dancers. Chandra's singing touches my heart everytime.We had loads of fun singing along with the performers.

We finally ended the day with singing deusi-bhaili in praise of the Goddess so that soon she would smile at us too, lighting up our futures. I hope that SHE is listening :) 

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