Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter was Setting in

The winter was setting in and everybody  was beginning to get into their sweaters and shoes. But the kids at Koseli were still waiting for their turn. I had promised them that if they return to school after Dashain and Tihaar holidays, they will get sweaters, jackets and shoes.
Rude, as it may sound the truth is that for many of them this was an added attraction. However, returning to school was not such an easy task for a lot of them.
We had to wait for 10 days before all of them turned up. Actually, we had to pester a few kids to come back to school. The school is finally resonating with the happy and gay voices of all the children. And so it was time to distribute their winter gifts.

The little ones were very excited to receive their gifts. They quickly formed a line to enable an easy distribution. It was beautiful to see how they helped each other and once all of them wore their sweaters they very cheerfully posed for pictures. All of them love being photographed and seeing themselves in pictures. I thought they looked like angels but my thought was quite short lived. The very next  moment, I saw them playing football in the ground and now they were all looked like little demons
The older kids were shy and waited very patiently for their turns. The girls, as it is their birth right, fussed over the sizes until they were happy. And before I realized they too were posing for pictures, which our dear volunteer Junu, was only more than happy to take.
Tomorrow, when they get their shoes, they will be fully equipped to face the winter and this year I know is going to be the warmest winter of their lives.
God bless all KOSELI FRIENDS who have helped to make this winter warmer for the kids.

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