Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Koseli - Newsletter, October'10

KOSELI-News Letter, October’10

Dear Mentors and Friends,
Greetings and Namaste!!
Computers and Cameras stole the show in the month of September. Children were introduced to computers. Almost all of them were using the computer for the first time. And obviously, they were quite excited. They were introduced to word, which they practiced daily for about 3 weeks. But what followed next, was even more enthralling.
Stefan Heinz, joined us to teach the children how to use the internet. All Grade VI kids browsed through the web. Their favourite searches were about Nepal, Michael Jackson and Switzerland, the country Stefan came from. They created their email id’s and exchanged mails with their friends. And to my utter delight, they exchanged mails  with us too. Stefan even introduced them to blogging . 
Stefan also brought cameras with him and the kids were only too happy to photograph themselves and their friends. It made me very happy to note that Santosh (our little gambler) showed a lot of interest in the activity. We sincerely hope some of them will take it up seriously when they grow up.
Thank you, Stefan for the gifts.
We also started simple “after school activities” especially for the kids who are engaged in gambling and street fights. They make bags out of old news papers, bookmarks and diya etc. We supplied our first lot of 121 bags, a few book marks and diyas to a local boutique.
October has been a fun month. The kids watched Anjaana-Anjaani, a bollywood  blockbuster at Jai Nepal theatre. We then went to see the City Centre Mall. The most fascinating experience for them at the mall was to get onto the magic stairs, which we call the escalators. There was a big treat by Pulkit Bhimsaria and his team at Cookieman.
Thank you Pulkit for organizing such a beautiful outing.
The school then closed down for dashain holidays.
Renuka (6yrs) and Januka (9yrs) were diagnosed with ulcers in their stomachs and are undergoing treatment . They are doing fine. Both the kids are back to school after the holidays.
We had to wait for a week before all the kids rejoined school. In fact we had to coax Madan to return to school. We have admitted a few more children and have are getting requests for more admissions everyday, which unfortunately, we have to refuse.
This month a special thankyou to Sanjay Golchha for sending in three computers.
Finally, we would like to thank all our sponsors and well wishers for their continued support.

Have a great month,
Koseli Family

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