Saturday, May 2, 2015

#Nepal EarthQuake Updates

May 4th Kathmandu
Our children are helping us deploy materials to the earthquake victims. Thank you to all those who sent us relief materials with so much love! We assure you it's reaching the people who need it the most.

May 3rd Kathmandu
The teachers in Koseli come from a financially low background and each teacher  has its own battle. Most of them go to morning college and then come to Koseli to work so that they can pay their college fees. The devastating earthquake and the aftershocks haven't not been easy on our teachers as well who come from various villages. A few of our teachers have lost their homes.

Suraj who joined us at the age of 20, three years back comes from Gorkha district.   He could not pursue his dream of studying engineering as his family did not have sufficient recourses. He happened to join Koseli by sheer luck and now his ambition to become an engineer has fired once again. After the earthquake struck Nepal, Suraj Sir went back to his village. He contacted us today and reported that his house is completely broken. 
Kumari Khadka is from Pyuthan village. Her mother was murdered by the villagers years back and hence she fled to Kathmandu. She has spent her childhood in an orphanage. She joined Koseli as a teacher and now dreams of opening her own NGO one day. The natural calamity that hit Nepal on 25th a April, did not spare her as well. She returned to her village to find out that her house was totally devastated. 
We are still waiting to hear from our other teachers. These teachers have no one else to give them hope and support. We urge you to help us rebuild their homes and lives. 

April 30th Kathmandu
Koseli Team has been helping the kids orphaned by the earthquake. Today, we visited an orphanage called Raksha Nepal. Raksha Nepal is a registered NGO running since 2004. They have been taking care of sexually exploited girls. Since the earthquake, the kids who have lost their families in the various small villages of Nepal are gathering here.  We managed to donate some blankets, mats and food at the organisation as some relief aid. They are expecting more than a 100 orphans in the next few days. We the team at Koseli School plan to induct orphans in our school to provide them a secure future. We plan to fulfill their food, clothing, education, medical, hygiene and sanitary needs.  We are expanding our vision and looking at their long term security and we are sure we will be able to help them build a better life.


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