Friday, March 30, 2012

A Friendly Touch from Hong Kong

Tenzin Tsering met Suraj Lama through You Tube (posted by Lex) before he met anyone else at Koseli. He was so touched by his story that he googled Koseli and found us on the internet. The next step was obvious , he wrote to us on 2nd March and expressed his desire to support us. With the new term due to start on April 15th, our most pressing needs were books, stationery and school dresses. We also needed to a add tin shed but that could wait.

Even before I realized what was happening, he was already talking to his friends and scouting for ideas to raise funds for the text books. The communication was extremely fast paced. Before I could come up with questions, he was ready with the answers. 

Tenzin Tsering is 26 years old and lives in Hong Kong with his family. He runs a small Cafe and is satisfied with his life. He realized that he was spending a lot of money on frivolities and so constantly had this nagging feeling of doing nothing meaningful with his life. He decided that he was going to change the last aspect about himself. 

"Man is the most selfish animal of the animal kingdom. His world starts with I, Me and Myself", said Tenzin. And so when he saw Suraj Lama, a 12 year old boy beggar boy with a very strong desire to study, he knew he wanted to do something for such kids.

He asked his friends to donate a small of amount of money to his cause. It was extremely difficult to convince people. They came up with weird questions to which he had no answers. To make matters worse he had never visited Koseli and obviously didn't know the people behind the project at all. How Tenzin handled all that is a little difficult even for me to imagine.

We exchanged mails daily and his only request was that he wanted me to post the names of the people who have donated on the web site, so that the donors would know that their money actually went to needy kids.

26 days and 31 mails later, on 28th of March we received NRs.61000 for our text books. 
This is the first time that a total stranger ( a stranger till now)  has donated something to Koseli Kids.

We would like to thank Tenzin, and his team of donors for this beautiful gesture and having faith in us.

As per His request, below is the list of the people along with the amount they donated. The amounts are in HKD.

Michelle Price(white stag) - 500, Thapa Samir (players) -501, Rai Nabin-500, Uma Rai-520, Gagan Gurung-500, Mary Gurung(nauman)-500, Rai Muna-250, Limbu Yuwa-250, Anita Gurung(typhoon)-201, Sheela Gurung-200, Bhuwan Sunwar(xperience )-101, Milan Gurung-101, Mina Rai-101, Gurung Deepak-100, Dilip Shahi-100, Thapa Som raj-100, Jagdeep Gurung-100, Upama Thapa-100, Danish Rai-100, Dinesh Tamang-100, Anish Limbu-100, Anhu Mala Thapa-100, Amrita Gurung-100, Sidartha Bega-82, Shree Limbu-71, sujan Thakure-51, Thapa Sunuwar , rabin-50, Shyam Sunuwar-50, Gurung Razoo-50, Mina Rai-50, Milan j Gurung-50, Raj Kumar Gurung-50, Gurung Micheal-46, Lawati-30, Roma-25, Tsering-25, Birendra Gurung-20, Gurung Tara Bhadhur-20 and Lok Tamu-20

design of the ticket used by Tenzin to raise funds

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