Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art of Living - Tulika Agrawal

Children meditating
Each and every child at Koseli had an overwhelming background story which touched my heart yet sent shivers down my spine. I walked in, not expecting beautifully well- mannered and polite kids.

As one of the twenty million ‘Art of Living’ volunteers all around the world, I was here to take a five day program called ‘Bal Chetna Shivir’. This workshop is a practical week of experience and knowledge.Through play and fun and laughter, children learn to enjoy every moment, being in present moment.Yoga and breathing techniques help to eliminate fear, anxiety, depression and negative emotions.Meditation taps the hidden resources. They learn to share with others, work and play in harmony and develop sense of belongingness.

Playing guided games
A chorus of voices welcomed me with warmth. We took off with ‘fire in the mountain’ and ‘birdie dance’. It was a huge hit amongst the kids. The natural and joyful nature brought out the child in me. Their eagerness to learn made me more sincere. Sixty smiling faces listening attentively made me a better speaker.
The game times made me more alert than ever. When asked to close their eyes and remain quiet during the Pranayam and Meditation, they become as still as rocks, so peaceful, so calm. The children’s creativity showed up during our drama sessions. They acted with such enthusiasm and profound detail that it amazed me.

At the end of the ‘shivir’, I tried to find the answer to my question. Was I here to teach them something or were they teaching me?

by- Tulika Agrawal (volunteer Art of Living)

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