Monday, August 1, 2011

Dilmaya by Sakshi

Sakshi, a volunteer at Koseli
Dilmaya, when we first spotted her

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing him or herself.  The world has come to such a point where materialism is the sole doctrine. Materialism has “Sucked” the humanity out of people making them forget that the best “things” in life aren’t just “things”.  Regardless to say even I like everyone else like the materials of life but the part of the day that I look forward to, is spending time with the kids at KOSELI School.

And in just one of these happy moments, I discover a new face in class two. There sat Dilmaya perplexed finding her sense of belonging amongst all the new faces. Seeing her that way made me feel the need to interact with her so she could come out of the discomfort. The 15 year old, since she was 12 has been doing menial jobs at the construction sites to help her father earn the amount (RS 200, a day). Her mother used to earn before she fell from a three storied building and damaged her leg permanently. 
Dilmaya leading us to her shack in the slum

Being brought up by alcoholic father and not getting enough to eat, Dilmaya realized what a proper meal is after coming to Koseli. She was quite surprised to know that a meal consisted of lentils and vegetables too.  Her meal prior to joining the school was Rice with salt and chilly powder.

 For Dilmaya coming to Koseli is a bliss and one of the best things that has happened to her, because the school is one place where she can leave all her worries behind and can live a life that children of her age live rather than living a life of an adult.  

Dilmaya in the school library
Mother Teresa once said “ If you cannot feed hundred mouths, at least try feeding one”, and koseli aims at doing just that, making a little difference in these children’s lives.

- Sakshi Agrawal

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  1. thanks for sharing with us Dilmaya's story. THe children need more and more support at Koseli.