Thursday, November 25, 2010


Unnati KC, 6yrs

Jason Lama, 8yrs

Anita Tamang, 8yrs

Sanjay Srivastava, 9yrs

Hari Karki, 11yrs

Sanjiv Nepali, 10 yrs

Santosh Karki, 12yrs

Januka Dangol, 10yrs

Bimala Khadka, 11yrs

Gaurav K.C, 8yrs

Karma Singh Tamang, 8yrs

Neeran B.K, 6yrs

Renuka Dangol, 8 yrs

Puja K.C, 9yrs

Divya Lama, 12 yrs

Raj Shrestha, 10 yrs

Bicky Karna, 8yrs

Rejina B.K, 7yrs

Kushal Adhikari, 6yrs


  1. They are adorable!! I love Sanjay's intense gaze. He stands out in all the pictures with his directness. All of them are so precious!!

  2. I’ve struggled with being a people pleaser my whole life. I enjoy being that person everyone is friends with. However, we need to appreciate and give care and love to others to be happy ourselves.